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Hi everyone, welcome to my page!

I’m Gabi and I’m your girl for all of the food and drink recipes you see here!  I am a registered nurse and work for a health care consulting company. My fiancé, Paul, and I live in the DC area with our two dogs, Stella and Cash! Our favorite vacation destination is the Napa Valley, for obvious reasons! 

I’ve always enjoyed food and cooking from watching my dad, who was the chef in our house growing up (sorry mom!), but didn’t discover my true passion for recipe building until I had a kitchen of my own to play in! I will try just about any cuisine, but I must say that Mexican/Spanish food tops the list. In our house, I cook a lot of healthy(ish), fun and easy meals; which is why we host dinner parties and entertain our close friends often! 

I also have a passion for learning about wines from across the world- throughout our years in vacationing in the Napa Valley, I have become fairly familiar with California wines, but am slowly learning more about Italian and Spanish wines too! (gotta expand the palate!) I am getting married this November and hopefully will be honeymooning in Europe shortly after (hint: Italian wine country) ; so I need to get my knowledge base up :)

I love engaging with my community, so if there is something else you’d like to see on here, send me a message! I would LOVE to hear from you!