Go-To Avocado Toast

avo toast.jpg

I feel like avocado toast has been around forever, but it was only in the last few years that the popularity of avo toast (and other good sh*t on toast) really took off. I eat avocado almost on a daily basis, whether it be in smoothies, smearing it on sandwiches, or topping off a dinner. I don’t have to explain why avocados are one of the healthiest foods on this planet!

Here is a simple, delicious avocado toast recipe that you can tailor to make your own!

-          Rise Organic “Hello Honey” wheat bread (I find it at Whole Foods), or your choice of whole grain bread- toasted

-          1 avocado, sliced and smushed

-          Chopped cilantro

-          Kosher salt

-          Drizzle of ghee

-          Red pepper flakes

One of my favorite kosher salt brands is M-SALT, I use it for almost everything! They don’t distribute locally (yet, fingers crossed), but you can order directly from their website or off Prime!