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Sausage and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Everybody appreciates a quick, easy, no-mess, healthy dinner recipe, amirite? That’s what I thought. You will impress all of your friends with this meal because it is full of flavor and oh did I already mention that it’s SO easy to make? This meal is perfect for a dinner party, potluck, or just a simple weeknight meal for your family…

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Cabbage and Swiss Chard Soup

With fall in full swing, I felt it appropriate to post my first soup recipe on this blog! I am a HUGE soup fan, despite not loving the colder weather. When I graduated college, I actually talked about trying to open up a soup only shop, but realized that it probably wouldn’t survive in the summer….bummer. Anyway, I love creating any and all soup recipes because most of them (such as this!) are super comforting and healing as well. This one is packed with nutritious veggies, and if you are using homemade bone broth, the health benefits are tremendous!…

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