#vinowednesday - January recap!


HI guys! If you have been following us for a while, you will know that I do a weekly #vinowednesday wine segment, where I feature some of my favorite wines on our IG stories! I chat a little bit about tasting notes, food pairing, price point and most importantly- where to buy! I will be writing a quick post each month on the blog, recapping the 4 wines that i chose for that month, and tagging where you can buy them here!

These were the wines I chose for the month of January:


District Winery- Old Vine Zinfandel 2016- Buy it here!

DW Cuvee Noir.jpg

District Winery- Cuvee Noir Buy it here

Locations E.jpg

Locations- “E” - Find it here! <- You will have to add your zip code and it will tell you where it is sold near you! (Unable to purchase from their website)

PS Cab Franc.jpg

Paradise Springs Winery- Cabernet Franc 2016- Buy it here

That’s all for the month of January! If you want to know more about these, and all future wines, make sure you’re following us on Instagram and tune in on Wednesday nights! Cheers!