#vinowednesday - March recap!


Hi friends!

I definitely skimped y’all and did not recap February’s vinos, but here we are in April so I think that ship has sailed. I PROMISE to stay on top of recapping these features for you guys, in case you miss the actual segment! I featured 3 amazing wines in March, so here they are!

  1. Whole Cluster Pinot Noir - At the moment, this is my favorite Oregon Pinot. It is bright, super smooth and full of fruit flavors. EASY drinking! I also featured this wine a few months back on my Not-your-everyday-vinos-under-20 blog post!

    • You can purchase Whole Cluster here


2. Rutherford Ranch Reserve Rose - I have a love affair with Rutherford Ranch and I ain’t afraid to show it off! ;-) For real though, they make amazing wines including one of my all time favorites, this Rose.

  • You can purchase this Rose here

locations I.jpg

3. Locations “I” - Speaking of love affairs, once again mine goes deep with Locations wines. I have featured the E on previous segments, and the I is next on the list. I’m confident that I will feature their entire series over the course of the next few months! Dave Phinney (winemaker) is an incredibly talented guy!

  • You can purchase the “I” here

Alright guys, that’s all I have for this month! Make sure to follow me on IG and tune in live every wednesday for my #vinowednesday segment! CHEERS!