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Trader Joe's WINE GUIDE

ALRIGHT FRIENDS. The wine guide that I’ve been promising you is finally here!! I KNOW ITS ALOT, so bear with me. Traders has LOTS of good wine- so I have compiled a list of my top 40. Yes, I said 40. Use this as your handy guide when you’re stalled in the aisles, clueless as to what to get. Most of these wines are also under $20 so it is is wallet friendly! To make it easier on you, I will break down into three categories with pictures for each- white, rose and red. Let me know what you think and happy shopping! (Also, as a disclaimer- not every Traders will have every single one of these wines- they rotate through their supply very frequently. So please don’t go throwing things when you can’t find your $5 bottle of chardonnay at your local TJs. Thx)

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#vinowednesday - January recap!

HI guys! If you have been following us for a while, you will know that I do a weekly #vinowednesday wine segment, where I feature some of my favorite wines on our IG stories! I chat a little bit about tasting notes, food pairing, price point and most importantly- where to buy! I will be writing a quick post each month on the blog, recapping the 4 wines that i chose for that month, and tagging where you can buy them here!…

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Aperol Spritz of your Dreams

Can I just say that brunch may be my favorite meal for several reasons: 1. It’s essentially breakfast foods on crack 2. Makes it appropriate to throw back several cocktails before noon 3. You can pretend like your cocktails are healthy because they have fruit in it – perfect example is this super refreshing Aperol Spritz…

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