Ranch Chicken Arugula Salad

chick salad.png

 Not exaggerating when I say this lunch recipe comes together in 10 minutes. (well, besides making the chickpeas but you can do that ahead of time). You can also meal prep this and take it with you to work, just leave the dressing on the side until you’re ready to eat.

(serves 1; double or triple the recipe if you’re making this for a few lunches)


-          4 oz chopped rotisserie chicken (I shred the whole chicken and keep the extra in the fridge and use as needed; I also save the carcass for my bone broth recipe)

-          1 tbsp Tessemae’s Ranch

-          1 tbsp. chopped dill

-          1 c arugula

-          1/2 c chopped cucumber

-          ¼ c spicy roasted chickpeas (recipe below)

-          Squeeze lemon


1.       Mix the chopped chicken with the dressing. (if you are meal prepping this ahead for lunch, keep the dressing on the side until you’re ready to eat)

2.       Assemble the arugula, cucumbers, chicken/ranch mixture and top with the dill, spicy chickpeas and a squeeze of lemon.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas:

1.       Rinse and drain 1 can of chickpeas. Dry with paper towel.

2.       Toss with olive oil, paprika, s&p (or spices of your choice; sometimes I will add cayenne, garlic, chili powder, cumin- get creative!)

3.       Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes until crispy.