Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Her

Okay so we already dealt with what to get the men in our lives…now let’s turn to the good stuff, a.k.a. gifts for the HERS. I know the typical Valentine’s gifts include things such as chocolate, candy, flowers, etc. BUT I have put together a list of things that don’t make you fat and that don’t die….not that I have anything against those things (some of my favorite things are fat-inducing), but nothing wrong with mixing it up every once in awhile.

So, here we go:

A Potted Plant from Urban Stems - $50 - $100


UrbanStems has the best plants. Most of them are pretty easy to care for (relatively speaking, note that I have killed a few despite their “ease”), come in super cute and modern pots, are delivered quickly, like same/next day quickly, and the company changes out the plants/pots frequently so there is always something new to add to your collection. Potted plants are better than flowers because they (theoretically) live longer than flowers, and come in pots, which are like little pieces of art in and of themselves. Personally, I would love to get another potted plant for V-Day….this snake plant is my current fav.

The Perfect Work Bag - $168


I have been searching for a great work bag for quite a long time. In the meantime I had been buying cheapo bags and switching to new ones constantly as the seasons changed or just when I got bored. But I really wanted something that was timeless, good quality, and big enough to fit everything I need for the work day. Enter: the Madewell Drawstring Transport. It fits my laptop perfectly, has a cross-body strap, is made from real leather (so should last for a long time), has an option for monogramming in a variety of colors, and works well in any season. It also has one interior (small) pocket so that you can keep things like lipstick and keys off the bottom of the bag. I’m a big fan, and I think the lady in your life will be too.

A Month Membership to a Boutique Gym (here is a link to MAD, where Gabs and I go) - $245 for 1 month, $218/month for a 3 month membership, and $198/month for a 12 month membership


Boutique gyms are the best. Guided workouts, low instructor to class participant ratios, the opportunity to develop friends and a sense of community with the people you work out with everyday, the list goes on. The drawback: boutique gyms can realllllly break the bank. However, even if you don’t think that your SO is ready to make a multiple-month commitment to a specific gym, buying/gifting a month of workouts is still a great way for them to jump start their fitness journey, and to find the types of workouts that work best for them. Now that Keith and I are married it doesn’t really matter who buys the gym memberships, but back when we were dating I would have LOVED for him to pay for me to get a month of workout in at my favorite gyms. FYI, around DC some of my favorite boutique gyms are Madabolic (obviously), Down Dog Yoga, Biker Barre, Pure Barre, and Solid Core.

The cutest over-the-knee boots - $163

OTK boot.JPG

These boots by Goodnight Macaroon are super cute, relatively comfortable (although they take some breaking in, not going to lie to you there), and can be paired with a ton of different outfits. I bought this exact pair this winter and I really love them. I want black/grey next. IMPORTANT: when I ordered these they took quite a while to arrive, so I would give yourself as much wiggle room as possible when ordering especially if they’re a gift.

A “showroom quality” house cleaning - $275 for us, but house-specific

Maybe it’s just me, but honestly this would be the best gift of all time. In fact, I just gifted it to myself not that long ago, and the first time I walked in my house I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. This isn’t the run of the mill monthly cleaning that some people get, but a deep-dive, inside the microwave, in the grout, baseboards, window sills, under the bed types of clean that makes you feel whole again…. this is 30, amirite? Anyways, if you really want to make a person who is busy but still likes a clean space happy consider finding a reputable cleaning company in your area and paying for the full Monty. We used Daisy Fresh Cleaning, and they not only sent over 2 people to actually handle the job of scrubbing down our entire house, but also sent over foremen during and after the cleaners finished to make sure the job was done to pare. They also didn’t charge me until I had signed off on how everything looked. I truly give them 5 stars, they did an incredible job and their customer service was impeccable.

All Birds Sneaks - $95

all birds.JPG

If you saw my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him, then these don’t need much explanation. But in case you didn’t, all you need to know is these are cute and EXTRA comfortable. Your lady will definitely thank you for gracing her feet with the light-weight comfort of this pair of kicks. Actually, just buy these for anyone you love…you’ll be super popular.

A massage/facial - $150- $300

I love a good massage, or facial, or head scratch, or foot rub… I think I just like to be touched in general, lol, but I don’t know many people who would turn down a free massage or facial. If you are in the DC area Nusta Spa does a GREAT facial that is worth the money based on the quality of the products they use, the time that the facialist will spend with you, and the knowledge and expertise of the staff. Not much better than a nice day of pampering. Just remember if you are gifting a massage or a facial to include tip in the gift so that your SO doesn’t have to come out of pocket on the day of.

A piece of jewelry- $???

This is pretty straight forward. Some of my recent favorites for jewelry that is unique, but classic enough to be worn every day are Local Eclectic (linked here) & Mallory Shelter Jewelry (the designer of the “Make Your Own Luck” necklace that I wear every day. You can shop online for both designers, and both have pieces coming in at a variety of price points.

A great face product (I recommend this face oil $72, this face mask $59, & this exfoliater $101)

A bougie bottle/case of wine (I recommend Austin Hope) - ~$50/bottle

You guys know how I feel about a solid skincare routine. Any of these products make a TERRIFIC gift, especially if you do like a spa themed gift and include a pair of slippers, maybe a cute headband she can wear while washing her face, some nice lotion, etc. However, I haven’t talked about the Lotion P50 1970 yet (post to come) but BEWARE it smells a little like formaldehyde. BUT it has been called a facial in a bottle and is used by loads of skincare gurus…so maybe that means something…? Who knows… I have only been using it for a few weeks, but so far my skin seems a little brighter. In any case, even if you don’t choose one of these, getting a woman in your life her favorite skincare product is a great idea.


This. Wine. Is. So. Good. I am no wine connoisseur, but at the first sip of the Cab Sav I knew it was quality. Buy a bottle to keep around for special occasions, buy a bottle for your Valentine’s Day night in, buy a bottle to drink tonight…just buy a bottle. It will make all nights better.

A Subscription to FabFitFun - $49.99/quarter

I originally signed up for FabFitFun because I saw in an ad they were running that the next month they were including one of the products I use all the time (the ExfoliKate) in the next box. The ExfoliKate is usually $85 on its own, and FabFitFun was including a full sized product along with like 10 other things for $49.99, plus I think I got a discount because it was my first time. I got the box and was sure I would cancel after that first shipment, but I was SO wrong. As soon as I opened the box I was hooked. They include the BEST stuff. I have gotten blankets, mugs, the best makeup and skincare products, and so much more in the short time that I have been getting their boxes. I just really love receiving mail and opening one of their boxes is by far one of the best packages I receive. Definitely a good gift!

Leopard Flats - $40


I love these shoes and I also love getting shoes as gifts. These are affordable, versatile, and really comfortable. You definitely won’t upset your lady if she opens a pair of these on V Day.

That’s all for now. Let me know what you’d like to receive for Valentine’s Day this year in the comments below!