Outfit Details: Winter Skirt & Blouse

In case you guys haven’t already noticed by the significant increase in the quality of my photos, I finally decided to hire a photographer to capture the outfits, details, places, etc. that I want you to see without spending 3 hours fighting Keith to take a picture other than me standing staring straight at him and smiling… I’ll never understand why that’s the only picture he thinks is worth taking lol.

I went with Pam from Little Mountain Creative, and she is incredible…like seriously, incredible. If you live in the DC area and have any photo needs definitely hit her up at @littlemountaincreative.co on Instagram.

With all that said, I wanted to share with you all the details of this outfit bcc I love a winter skirt/tight/boot combo. I wear pants 99% of the winter, and I’m just bored by them. So I decided to switch it up and bought this (relatively, I mean, it’s still a skirt) warm wool skirt off Amazon…and it’s perfect. I have also worn this skirt with a big, oversized sweater, tucked in at the front, and that was cute, too!

Note that I have included a link to every piece (and where I can’t find the exact because they are old I have linked something similar).


Domesticated Amateurs January-Domesticated-0063.jpg
Domesticated Amateurs January-Domesticated-0067.jpg
Domesticated Amateurs January-Domesticated-0011.jpg
Domesticated Amateurs January-Domesticated-0028.jpg

Plaid Wool Skirt - Amazon $24.99

Black Blouse (similar) -ASOS $32

Gold Hoops - Amazon $19.99

Black Boots (similar) - Amazon $39

Black Patterned Tights (similar) - Amazon $12.60

Black Faux Leather Jacket - Amazon $35.99