My Go-To Post-Workout Shake


Maybe I’ll become famous off of this drink recipe because it’s literally the most asked about recipe that I’ve posted about so far, but even if I don’t, I’m v happy that I came up with it and finally officially sharing it on here! I drink this probably 4 times per week, usually after a hard sweat sesh, but it’s also perfect as a midafternoon pick-me-up shake!

(serves 1)

-          1 scoop vanilla whey protein (I use SFH)

-          1 scoop collagen peptides (I use Further Food)

-          1 heaping tbsp. almond butter

-          ¾ c. caramel cold brew (I use Chameleon)

-          ½ c. oat milk (I use Oatly)


1.       Add all of your ingredients in a vessel that is wide enough for the blender. (I use a shaker bottle)

2.       Pulse all of the ingredients with a hand-held blender for 10-15 seconds until combined.

3.       Serve over ice and enjoy!


*You can sub the almond butter for another nut butter but I feel that almond has the lightest and smoothest taste without being overpowering. I tested it with peanut butter and it was too intense, for me. YOU DO YOU!


*Caramel cold brew is my favorite because it matches perfectly with the vanilla from the protein, the light taste of almond butter, and the creamy oat milk. Like I said though, you do you. This recipe is SUPER easily modified to whatever you like!

shake 2.jpg