Salmon Ceviche

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Salmon Ceviche

This easy dinner recipe was inspired by a bottle of Rose that I received from a local Virginia winery! (Early Mountain Vineyards in Charlottesville) I LOVE pairing wine with delicious foods and this was no exception. As soon as I read through the tasting notes of the wine, I knew I had to make this dish! The pairing was perfection! I hope you guys love it!


(serves 2)

-          1 lb. sushi grade salmon (this is a MUST, since you’re eating it “raw”- can find at your local butcher, or an Asian market)

-          Juice of 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 lemon

-          Sesame oil

-          2 tbsp. red onion, finely diced

-          1 tbsp. jalapeno, finely diced

-          1 avocado, cubed

-          1/2 c. mango, chopped

-          2 tbsp. cilantro, chopped

-          S&P to taste


1.       Cut the salmon into ½ in. pieces using a very sharp knife. Set aside in a bowl.

2.       Whisk your juices and a dash of sesame oil together in a small bowl, use half of the juice to coat the salmon, save half for later.

3.       Let your salmon sit in the fridge in the juices for 30 minutes.

4.       Prep your other ingredients while the salmon “marinates”.

5.       Discard the juice that the salmon is marinating in.

6.       In a new bowl, add your salmon and all of your toppings. Add the reserved juices to the mixture.

7.       Season to taste with salt, pepper and a dash of togarashi (optional). Serve immediately and enjoy!!