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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Him

I know the holidays just ended, but Valentine’s Day is almost upon us… for some couples this means romance, chocolate, gifts, a day to celebrate love, for others it means being extra nice or saying “I love you” one more time before you fall asleep, and for still others it means absolutely nothing… (note: if it were up to Keith we would absolutely fall within the third category, but as it is we strike a compromise, which is that we don’t usually buy each other gifts, but we do try to plan a nice dinner or just acknowledge that we are supposed to be loving on each other that day lol)… anyways, no matter what camp you fall into, this list may be helpful because, let’s face it, guys are SO HARD to shop for, all days of the year.

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Her

Okay so we already dealt with what to get the men in our lives…now let’s turn to the good stuff, a.k.a. gifts for the HERS. I know the typical Valentine’s gifts include things such as chocolate, candy, flowers, etc. BUT I have put together a list of things that don’t make you fat and that don’t die….not that I have anything against those things (some of my favorite things are fat-inducing), but nothing wrong with mixing it up every once in awhile…

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